We work with green roofs, walls and urban agriculture. Using IoT technology for smart solutions and create livable places in urban environments.

What we do

Smart green roofs

Green roofs are an important climate adaptation tool with a significant contribution in the city’s water management approach. The roof act as a sponge. It absorbs, retains and evaporates rainwater and delays runoff. Severe weather conditions such as the droughts and heat waves observed in spring and summer 2018 make it difficult for green roofs to survive. With IoT and real-time monitoring of critical parameters, we develop predictive and automated maintenance solutions reducing plant mortality and costs.

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Green roof, vegetables, bees and solar panels

We like special projects such as biodiversity roofs for bees, butterflies and roof gardens for growing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Combining expertise in biology and engineering, procurement of technical elements for drainage and light weight rooftop soil, we assist and develop projects from design to construction. Did you know that you can combine green roofs and solar panels as well?

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Greenbeat projects

Smart Green Roof

In this project funded by OrganiCity (EU H2020) we use IoT and sensors to monitor real-time health of the vegetation as a basis for predictive maintenance and further automation.

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Sagene roof garden

A 125 sqm. roof garden with vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in Oslo.  The project has been realized by volunteers with help of professional partners.

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